J2J Greet and Meet Activities

Prince Albert is  ready to host you at the annual Journey to Jazz (J2J) festival with a beautiful local offering of things to do, see and taste! Explore the Swartberg Pass, find the desert quiet, centre your inner child with yoga or pilates, taste local wine and produce, and gaze up in awe at the wide open night skies! The details of our 2024 Greet and Meet Activities are below and and tickets are available on Quicket.co.za – get ready to experience real Karoo hospitality! 

Our local Market days and times have been extended to show off Prince Albert and all it has to offer – the market space will be the spot to soak up the more rustic festival vibe! You can grab a quick, light bite, shop local produce and arts & craft. Our high school chess club will make an appearance as well as the Dominoes group and our very own Riel Dancers will kick up some dust!


A woven, textile fabrication for the walls, doors, blooms and everyday happenings on Botterblom Straat. Made by women artisans for the front doors of the homes of friends, family, a distant cousin and that friend-of-a-friend you greet, but who has never invited you to ‘stoep sit’. This collection celebrates everyday life – her moods, the off days and the on, the cracks and the repairs, but mostly the humour, collective spirit and roadside chat that gets stuck to the pavements and clings to the gutters when the rains fail to come.
This work weaves together curtains that hover over the gap in the wall that makes space for the ‘Voordeur’, the door we use as a physical divide for who and what we let in and that which we would rather keep out. 

Every stitch, woven line, gap, thread, and tassel of these works have been deliberately placed by the team of women that make up Frances v.H Mohair Textile Studio.

There will be a rare opportunity to join the FVH artisans in the studio for a walk through of the making space and collection on Friday and Saturday morning. Tickets are limited so make sure you book!

Launch Day Wednesday, 01 May 08H00: meet at the PACT Centre for a cup of Oom Rick and biskuit on the house! After refreshments walk with us to the Krittikom Koppie for the official opening of Journey to Jazz

Thurs – Saturday 08H00 – 10H00: Koffie en Biskuit will be served at the Hope Warrior Coffee Shop – a fabulous coffee shop run by Prince Albert’s young people at the PACT centre. Our customers say it the best… “The best coffee in town!”

“Great coffee, great service, as well as making a broader social impact in providing work and a platform for connecting the different parts of this beautiful town. Do support this inspirational initiative.”

“This an excellent little coffee shop with delicious coffee, friendly service and even a little book store too. We’ll worth the visit!”

Hope Warrior Coffee Shop: 023 5411066

Experience the magic of the cosmos come to life with our Night Sky Tours. Join us under the blanket of stars as we unravel the mysteries of the universe. Our tours offer an unforgettable journey through the celestial wonders above. From dazzling constellations to elusive planets, embark on an adventure that will leave you awestruck and inspired. Join us and discover the boundless beauty of the night sky.

Bring warm clothes and some water/ flask of tea/ coffee 

The Fransie Pienaar Museum opens its door for a magical evening – an Outa Lappies welcome awaits! This evening is rustic and quintessentially Karoo. After the Outa Lappies tour enjoy a roosterkoek and witblitz (our very own stook) by the fire!

Join Mary-Anne Botha on a walk through the gallery with special focus on the current exhibitions:

 Wehrner Lemmer’s sculptures “The Glistening Earth

The works, in their bold metal structure and striking colours, mimic the perfect balance found in nature, albeit much simplified. The shapes one sees continuously evolve, moving forward forcing itself upward, outward into life – whether invited or not. Wehrner wants to portray the intense calmness that nature affords him. “The tubular curves present in many works are representative of the cycles of life around us, especially those at work in the natural world. The continuous changing of the seasons, the season of life that I find myself in right now, underlie the expectation and the reward of what lies ahead.”

Johan Bloom’s abstract landscapes “Landscape of Awe – The Swartberg Series

Abstract paintings that draw its inspiration from Nature and our relation to it, or rather In it. The arid, dry and dramatic landscapes of The Karoo with unexpected Green oasis with rich biodiversity, teeming with life. We all stand in Awe.

Kickstart your Journey to Jazz Festival mornings with a fabulous mat Pilates session, to the tune of Jazz Music, in the Karoo Pilates Studio.  Includes a short relaxation session and herbal tea.

Simply Saffron is a family business operating from our home that includes Wellness therapies (yoga, holistic massage, reflexology, mono-chord sessions and reiki). Join us for Forrest, Yin or Kundalini yoga Wednesday or Friday during the festival.

Fernskloof wines are made from vineyards situated in and around the small town of Prince Albert. Our mission is to present wines to the wine lover, that are unique to this town and its terroir. Our new tasting room and winery is situated on Church street in Prince Albert.      

The Ghost Walk is a light-hearted 90 minute evening’s entertainment with stories about characters who lived here in the past and the ghosts who don’t want to leave! Guests wander round the streets past well-preserved 19th and early 20th century houses and shops and visit a most unusual graveyard.  Ailsa, the Story Weaver, has been telling Prince Albert’s tales for more than twenty years and publishes a monthly newsletter with stories and news about the town.

Sue Milton-Dean guides walkers on a 2 km trail with spectacular Karoo desert scenery and fascinating endemic succulent plants. As you walk across rocks of various ages and origins, you will discover patterns in vegetation, find out how plants and animals (including people) survive and thrive in harsh environments. Archaeological, historic and current impacts on the landscape are revealed.

Connect with clay and connect with yourself in the meditative practice of making pinch pots. Price includes all materials and 2 firings as well as morning tea/ coffee.

Embodied Drawing Workshop

How can we use our other senses to draw? And how can we use drawing to explore and expand our other senses? 

In an age dominated by screens, where looking has become not only cursory but perpetual – drawing is a refuge of contemplation. Drawing with Mindfulness teacher Rebecca Haysom wants to help you reclaim drawing as a part of your life, to reconnect you with something that is slow, and present, ancient. These are workshops with an emphasis on play and process, and suitable for anyone with a bit of curiosity. All materials provided. 

For the more energetic adventure seeker, join us on a social ride with our young developmental cyclists and explore 42km on back roads and across private farms. Please note this is not technical – please bring your own bike and helmet. Duration: approx. 2.5 hours and all proceeds go to Prince Albert cycling development project.

Chester Meyer (SA)

Chester Meyer, a full-time church organist for the past 26 years, completed his Unisa Grade 8 piano exam under Ada Malherbe in 1999. He holds a BMus degree in piano and organ, a BMus Honours degree in choral direction, and a Master’s degree in Ethnomusicology. He will perform improvised hymns at the People’s concert on Sunday, 5, May 2024. 

The parkrun will be taking place as usual on Saturday morning  starting 08H00 at the Odendaal Stadium, Odendaal Street. Pack your running shoes!

After sold out screenings at this year’s Encounters Film Festival, The Showroom is proud to host a screening of !Aitsa Directed by Dane Dodds | South Africa/Denmark | 2022 | 88 min. Dane Dodds’ documentary, !Aitsa, is an immersive journey that transcends the boundaries of tradition, science and spirituality. The film explores the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project in the Karoo, which seeks to unravel the mysteries of the universe through radiology. However, it is not merely a scientific exploration, as Dodds takes the viewer on a historical expedition, delving into the traditional roots of the Khoi and San populations of the region. Through the film’s lens, we witness the enigmatic convergence of scientific and traditional knowledge, as we are reminded of the sacred value that the land holds for the early inhabitants. The film’s loving portrayal of the Karoo landscape serves as a poignant reminder that the history and traditions of a place are intertwined with its scientific discoveries. Dodds’ curious direction invites us to reflect on the fine line that exists between the exploration of modern science and ancestral practices, whilst also bringing into question the juxtaposition of cultures in a most captivating and compassionate documentary.